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1.1 What are the terms of use and what do they apply to?

These terms of use apply to the website at moedits.com (the “Site”).

These terms of use, together with the documents referred to in them, set out the terms on which you may make use of the Site. Use of the Site includes accessing, browsing and placing an order on, the Site.

Please read these terms of use carefully as they contain important information about your rights and obligations when using the Site. Your attention is drawn, in particular, to clause 8 (Use of the Site; Termination and Suspension of Use), clause 9 (Use of Products), clause 10 (Plagiarism) and clause 13 (Disclaimer of Liability).

We recommend that you print off these terms, or store them in your computer, for future reference.

1.2 What other documents should I refer to when reading these terms of use?

These terms of use also include:

  1. the description of the Site at About Us;
  2. our Privacy Policy
  3. our FAQ page which contains detailed information about our services; and
  4. our section on Guarantees which sets out in more detail our promises to you and our policy on revisions.

These terms of use and the documents referred to at (I) – (IV), above are collectively referred to as “these Terms”.

It is your obligation to read these Terms before using the Site and/or submitting any Order (as defined in clause 4(a), below) and/or payment to this Site.

1.3 What are the consequences of accessing and using the Site?

By accessing and using the Site, including by submitting an Order (as defined below) and/or payment for any Products (as defined below) available through the Site (the “Services”), you agree to be legally bound by these Terms as amended from time to time. If you do not accept any of these Terms, then please do not use the Site.

1.4 How are changes made to these Terms?

We may change or add additional terms to any element of these Terms from time to time if: (I) we alter the existing services we provide; or (II) we add new services to the Site; and/or (III) we need to for security, regulatory or legal reasons. Any changes to these Terms will be posted to the Site. All users should check the Site periodically to take note of any changes.

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