No sources necessary unless question asks for it. Pleas write for common reader in a discussion fashion. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Is Gregor’s metamorphosis his choice? Why or why not? Give evidence to support your decision. In what ways is the scene wherein Grete and his mother attempt to move the human furniture out of Gregor’s room particularly significant to the reader’s understanding of the story? In what ways does The Metamorphosis rely on the distinction between humanness (taking the form of a human) and actually having humanity? Laughing with Kafka COLLAPSE So, is The Metamorphosis funny (this includes, funny-sad, funny-grotesque, or any other adjective you can think of to add to the word “funny”)? Why or why not? Use evidence Kafka’s Metamorphosis in His Time and Ours COLLAPSE COLLAPSE Kafka’s Metamorphosis in His Time and Ours 1. How does biology, particularly Darwinism, influence the story? 2. To what extent did Kafka’s environment (historic and personal) seem to influence The Metamorphosis?

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